The purpose of this video is about Goal Setting.  Whatever business you are in, you should have a goal in mind plus implementation.  So, when I first started my business I had a certain type of income level, I wanted to achieve.  I had to be able to find the right type of vehicle and figure out “Real Estate”.  I did some research on Successful people in the business and found what they were doing and here are some of the tips I gathered.

  1. Make a dream board – Dream board is posting pictures of what you want to have in your life, like what kind of house, cars, vacations etc. Posting it where you can see it daily and knowing why you are working so hard.  Realize your dreams by taking action.  You need to have a plan as to how many phone calls you need to make, the number of deals you must put into a contract, the number of people you must talk to in person to get deals.  Set the standard and even exceed your expectations
  2. Big hairy audacious goals – you must give up something to achieve those goals. You can give up few hours of watching TV, listening to music or anything else that can free up a few hours a day or a week to focus on achieving your goals.  The best example I have is, I want to be able to plan on how I would be able to send my two kids to college.  So, I needed to create a vehicle to help build capital.  I set a goal to buy and rent one or two houses and have cash flow and put that money away for them and by the time they are ready for college the cash flow and the equity on the houses would pay for their tuition.
  3. Take small bites and achieve smaller goals – If your goal is too big, re-adjust your goals to achieve them by taking small steps at a time. If it’s impossible for you to achieve, then you need to create smaller goals so that way you’re not disappointed.

There’s a small difference between winners and losers, that it’s so small that is scary.  It is the competitive winning edge.  You must compete with yourself, not with someone else.  Don’t worry about other people are doing.  You must do the most productive thing at any given moment to achieve your goals.

You need to have a plan to action otherwise your dream will be just a wish list.  There is no tooth fairy.  You are your own tooth fairy!  Be focus and set those goals now for the New Year!  See you at the top!