Many people ask me, “What the heck is a Million Dollar Rolodex and where do I find one?”

The answer is simply this:  A Million Dollar Rolodex is where you keep all of you most valued Vendors, Prospects, and Clients.

You can’t have my Million Dollar Rolodex so don’t even ask!

I can show you how to build your own Million Dollar Rolodex through a simple process:

  1. Recruiting the right talent for your Winning Real Estate Team!  I will show you how to interview contractors, what to look for, and what to avoid.  Contractors have a reputation for taking your money and leaving you hanging when it comes to keeping you as a priority and delaying the completion of your jobs.  I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way with the right contractors in your Rolodex.
  2. Working with the right Realtors.  A great realtor is going to make or break your business because the longer it takes to sell your property, the less money you make!  I will show you how to research the results of your realtor so that it’s not just about their personality and selling you on working with them…. it’s about their marketing plan for your house and their track record for selling houses!
  3. The visionaries are your Architects and designers.  I will share with you where to find those team members that can look at a smelly disgusting house and see the beauty shine through on the other side of the project.  Before and After vision is so important for every team member, especially those who need to create the dream and make it happen!
  4. Prospects and Clients are so valuable because it helps to have a list of people that you know invest regularly in housing.  You may use them for funding up front or they may buy the house before it’s even finished if you get the right reputation.  We will talk about how to build that list of prospects and clients and the long-term marketing you should do to keep them warm so that when you need them, they are ready, willing, and able to jump on a deal that you are proposing!