Today, I want to share different types of rehabs.

  1. Simple Rehab is Aesthetics like paint and carpet

This is a type of rehab that takes maybe a few days to do like paint, changing carpet, faucet or fixtures.

  1. Partial Gut like opening a wall for a window or open concept or upgrade drywall or even new electrical upgrade.

You may want to be guided by a team of people around you like Architect or Designer to get some architectural work, arts and design plans, when you open the people’s houses people open their wallets.  You will need permits is you are doing new plumbing, new windows, new stucco.

  1. Full Gut means taking out the windows, walls, insulation, floor or even bathroom.

You will need Architect to lay out the plans for you.  You also need to get permits pulled. Do it right the first time and you will never go wrong.  You may also need a Realtor to give you opinions to meet certain market standards.

  1. Major or Minor Addition

 Be sure to get help from experienced people that have done it before.

5. New Construction is taking and old ruggedly looking house, knock it down and build a new modern house.

You can knock down the house and 80% of the house you won’t see since it’s all behind the walls.  The remainder 20% is the finishes and that is what’s going to sell the house that is what I call the sizzle.