1. Goal Setting

    The purpose of this video is about Goal Setting.  Whatever business you are in, you should have a goal in mind plus implementation.  So, when I first started my business I had a certain type of income level, I wanted to achieve.  I had to be able to find the right type of vehicle and figure out …Read More

  2. Deal Structure

    I’m going to talk about “Deal Structuring”, how you get the money, where you will get if from and make a profit from your deal.  There are a couple of ways to do it. Cash -  This means that you have to pay the property in cash plus additional money for the rehab.  So, what if you don’t ha…Read More

  3. Types of Rehabs

    Today, I want to share different types of rehabs. Simple Rehab is Aesthetics like paint and carpet This is a type of rehab that takes maybe a few days to do like paint, changing carpet, faucet or fixtures. Partial Gut like opening a wall for a window or open concept or upgrade drywall or even new el…Read More

  4. How to Build a Winning Team

    The speed of the Boss is the speed of the Crew.  Your business is only going to go as fast as you want to, and you need to build a “Winning Team” for your business to grow, here is the list: Acquisition Specialist - That’s the person that’s going to help you get properties under contract, s…Read More

  5. Where to Find the Money

    Today’s video I want to talk about where to get the money to finance your rehab.  You can use OPM (Other People's Money).  Here are some options: Private Investor – This could be anybody that you know that has money saved it could be a teacher, policeman or somebody that just retired. They mig…Read More